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Our pricing is so low why would you buy anywhere else?

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Software Sales & Installation

The pyramid to picking the proper software

Is it Stable

Is it Scalable

Is it Compatible

Is it a Memory Hog

Is it Financially Prudent

Is it Currently Supported

Is it Functional- Easy to use

Is it frequently updated/upgrade



Aenigma 10 can walk you through the maze of technical jargon to ensure that you get the best Software for your needs.

Software is a collection of many programs used to perform tasks. Programs are written in a programming language that does not have a user interface.

We can troubleshoot your current programming and repair any issues you may have.

Trying to fix the issue yourself may only exacerbate the problem.


Any software can be a program, but programs cannot be software.


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We have all the necessary hardware and software to accomplish any needs, and we do it when it is most convenient for you.

We make it seem seamless and do all the heavy lifting allowing you to work on what is most important to you.


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If you need a Network setup in your home, home-office, or business we are the ones that have the know-how.

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Trying to fix the issue yourself may only exacerbate the problem.

Troubleshooting hardware problems can be a daunting task but we make it simple by methodically starting with the most common failures and working through them until the problems are solved.

In the long run, this saves time and money for you!


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Physically Cleaning Devices

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