A New Era of Security

Expect the impact on your business and yourself to be profoundly changed by the following:

“Internet of Things” (IoT).

This growing phenomenon by which people and things are all connected to a network linked to the internet. IoT will make security an even higher priority than it is today. Criminals are more innovative and more aggressive than ever.

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Security Audits

Security Analysis


Security Solutions & Services

Internet Security, or lack of it, is one of the primary reasons many people hesitate to use their PC for specific tasks. We provide security services, including computers, mobile devices, servers, VPN, firewalls, your network and internet, and much more.

Backup Remotely

The Best- Remote Backup
The best and most comprehensive backup would be at a remote facility that provides redundancy and alternatives.  Remote backups companies have many levels that can fit any budget or need,  you decide.
The Alternative- Onsite Backup
Onsite backup is good but takes more effort and time.  It is not as secure, efficient, or comprehensive as a remote backup.
You will permanently lose some data, but the idea is to limit it as much as possible.


What We Offer

Professional service that fits your needs and budget.

Security Analysis

Aenigma 10 does a complete in-depth analysis of your network and internet security.

Security Services

Aenigma 10 is a turn-key service that can be accomplished without any downtime to your business. 

Security Solutions

Aenigma 10 provides the most up-to-date hardware and software while staying within your budget.

Security Backup & Recovery

Aenigma10 Datto Backup & Recovery System.  We have multiple levels to fit any needs and budget.


Our Approach to Security

We handle all our client’s digital infrastructure as if it were ours.  We understand the value of protecting your assets and providing a service that can grow as your business grows.

Network Security – Internal Security

  • Are your computers logins secure?
  • Are your passwords hard to hack?
  • Are shared files secure?
  • Are company security procedures followed?

The Internet – can the world see your date?

You protected your network but are you protected from worldwide hackers?

Are your people following proper security procedures, i.e., using unsecured public hotspots/routers?

How do you transfer files to others, not on your network or part of your business?

Do employees working from home have sufficient security that prevents hackers from tunneling into your office network? 

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