Data Recovery

Have files or whole partitions disappeared from your device?  Are you having trouble accessing an external USB drive, hard drive, or camera card?

If you don’t have our Aenigma10 Datto Backup & Recovery System on your computer we can still recover your data.


Steps To Take When You’ve Lost Your Data


“Turn your device OFF…”


You don’t want to overwrite your data

Turn off your device immediately by;

Push the on/off button for 10 seconds or more until it turns off.

Aenigma10 can recover deleted data from virtually any type of storage device. We have recovered deleted files from office documents, messages, Outlook, music, photos, videos, and QBB (QuickBooks), to name a  w. We have over three hundred file types that we can recover and we are constantly adding more. We recover Mac’s/iOS too.

STOP! Turn OFF your device immediately

You don’t want to overwrite the lost data.

Send device to Aenigma10

You can:

  1. send the storage item to us
  2. drop it off at our office
  3. Aenigma 10 will pick it up*

Aenigma 10 receives the device

We will start the recovery process immediately.

Aenigma 10 begins the recovery

We do the heavy lifting to recover all the recoverable data.  Depending on the volume and other issues it can take considerable time.

You get the data back

The data is returned on a device of your choosing, whether it is a USB, hard drive, solid-state drive, or delivered over the internet (depending on the volume and other preventive issues).

The reasoning behind:

“STOP! Turn your device OFF…”

Why do we say STOP! Because your lost data is still on your storage device. By continuing to use your device, the new data may replace the data that has been deleted or misplaced.

Once overwritten, the data is no longer available. Making it unrecoverable data.

Just doing a search, texting, or surfing the internet could destroy the lost data. That’s why we say STOP!


Preventing Data Loss

Backup, Backup and Backup


Check out

Aenigma10 Datto Backup & Recovery System